About Bergen

Bergen is Norway's second biggest city and what has made Bergen known around the world is its charm and atmosphere. It is also known as the city of the seven mountains for the city is surrounded by peaks.If you want to explore Bergen and see more in less time, a bicycle is a great choice to get around. It really has to be experienced! Bergen is worth exploring.

Man cycling in the mountains in Bergen
Photo: © Sverre Hjørnevik  

Mountain biking

Surrounded by seven mountains, Bergen is one of Norway's best cities for cycling adventures. Whether you want an easy ramble around the city or a full-day weekend ride in the mountains, Bergen is a great location for cycling. The nature is beautiful with hillsides and forest, little lakes and great views of Bergen.You will find good mountain roads for easy, green-level biking, fun single tracks, good climbs and technical challenges. It will feel like you are biking on top of Bergen, and you will experience many spectacular view points!

Cycling in Bergen center

Cycling in Bergen city centre

The downtown area is perfect for casual trips, most notably at the Bryggen wharf and around the lake by the buildings of Bergen Art Museum. Another good option from the Fish Market area is to cycle along the Nordnes peninsular to the aquarium.Want something longer? Then head past Bryggen, through the fortress grounds and through the suburb of Sandviken until you reach the Old Bergen Museum. But given the spectacular natural setting of Bergen with mountains in almost every direction, anyone with the slightest interest in cycling should head for the hills.

Man and woman cycling in the mountains in Bergen
Photo: © Sverre Hjørnevik  

Rides from Mount Fløyen

Easily accessible from city centre thanks to the Fløibanen funicular, Mount Fløyen is the starting point for many of Bergen's best-loved bike rides. Allow a little extra time here to take in the view of the city below and enjoy a browse around the gift shop. The aroma from the freshly baked sweet buns in the adjacent cafe is hard to resist! The Brushytten cabin is a popular destination for beginners as it's well-signed and only a 2km ride from the top of the funicular. During the summer season the kiosk may well be open and serving up coffee and hot chocolate to fuel you up for the return trip.

Men cycling in a tunnel

Cycling in to the future

More than 100 cameras will be used to prevent crime in the world's longest cycle and pedestrian tunnel set to open in Bergen in 2023. Blasting work has started on building the longest bicycle and pedestrian tunnel in the world. The 2.9km cycle and pedestrian tunnel through the Løvstakken mountain will run parallel to the new light rail line linking Fyllingsdalen with Bergen city centre. In fact, it's actually the escape tunnel for the new light rail that will serve dual purpose as the new cycle/pedestrian tunnel. Today cyclists must travel from Fyllingdalen via Melkeplassen or Bønes to Bergen city center. The tunnel will shorten the cycling distance to central Bergen by about 5.5km, saving around 20 minutes.