Bike routes 

Bergen can offer bike routes for both experts and beginners. Below you will find a small selection of the most popular routes in the area. If you are a newbi to cycling, or it's been a long time since you've been in shape, you may want to start carefully with the easiest routes first.

. Map over cycling route to Laksevåg

Laksevåg route

This is a fairly easy route and does not require much training to complete. It has walking and cycling lanes on parts of the route,, but it can be heavy traffic during the core time on this route. It is only one intersecting road and the traffic therefore usually flows well. It is important that you take your time or use this route when the traffic is lighter.

Estimated time: 37 min.

Distance: 7,1 km

Requirement level: medium

. Map over cycling route to Fyllingsdalen

Fyllingsdalen route

This route is somewhat similar to the Laksevåg route in time and distance and requires about the same effort. It is a bit longer and has only a bike lane at the beginning of the route, but it usually is less trafficked than the Laksevåg route and can therefore be a better alternative in the core time. You need to cross three intersections and one roundabout on this route. Be careful and pay attention!

Estimated time: 45 min.

Distance: 7,4 km

Requirement level: medium

. Map over cycling route to Landås


This is a great route for all newbies. There is a paved bike lane all the way and is therefore a nice route to bring the children along. You do not have to cross oncoming traffic and the route is relatively short. There is some ascent at the end of the route. Here it is convenient to walk the bike if it becomes too demanding for you. Remember, all uphills becomes downhill on the return trip.

Estimated time: 21 min.

Distance: 4,9 km

Requirement level:  easy 

. Map over cycling route to Fana


 The route to Fana is one of the longest in the area and requires that you are in relatively good, physical shape. You can use the bike lane at the beginning of the route (which coincides with the Landås route), but at the first intersection after Landås, you need to cycle on the highway. The route ends at a lookout and the views are spectacular. The last 5 km of the route is not paved, but the conditions are still good. The trip is long, but definitely worth all the effort.

Estimated time: 1h and 22 min.

Distance: 16,4 km

Requirement level:   hard